Hannah. 21. I'm going to hell because I love gossip and don't really care about the environment.


unicorns are notorious for their hatred of posturing bro culture

(I’m debating making this girl available as a sticker and a shirt.)


a marine was in a college class taught by a liberal gay demon professor. one day the professor said “if god is real, he will suck my dick” after ten minutes of silence the tough marine got up from his seat and sucked the liberal aclu professor’s dick. the professor came. “what did you do that for?” the marine answered “god was busy building ford trucks shirtless so he sent me to suck dick”


Avan Jogia featured on NY Mag’s Coachella Street Style Weekend List


i want people to know i’m struggling but i don’t want people to know i’m struggling do you see my problem


This one never gets old.

Artist  UnknownLocal Natives    Title  UnknownHeavy Feet    Album  UnknownHummingbird



like how much more obvious does this need to be made for people to get it?

this isnt even an exaggeration 

like at all


its a metaphor, you see. you place your cursor right upon the killing thing, but you dont actually click on it.